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You are currently in "IRC Chat Network"

LATEST! Adult Chat Network.

Adult Chat Rooms Free signup! with adult chat rooms and webcam chat.

From CM (05/05/11)


Thanks to our affiliate Free Chat Rooms you can now invite people to join your IRC Chat rooms by using a simple link.
It's as easy as that.

Added by CM (15/12/10)

IRC Chat Network! April 2010

It's been a while since any news was posted on the IRC Chat Network! We cannot begin to stress enough the importance of security on the network, and so we regularly release fixes and patches for the latest IRC Chat Rooms worms and viruses. The latest worm to arise has been spotted a couple of times in different IRC Chat rooms and disguises itself as a link to a PNG file on the web. it contains an ActiveX imbed which will continuously shut down the host's computer. Please be careful who to trust with links, and ask a network staff member if you are not 100% sure!

Soon there will be some minor visual and organizational changes to the IRC Chat Network and website, along with the introduction of some new software for the IRC Chat network including a fully-fledged IRC Chat client like mIRC, and a new release of our already popular Registration Wizard. No changes to network operation will occur during or after these changes.

Enjoy your stay at IRC Chat!

Submission from Alex (04/04/10)

Festive! Merry Christmas!

It's snowing! We'd like to wish everyone on the Chat Network a very Merry Christmas, and
a Happy New Year. Happy Chatting from everybody at the IRC Chat Network!
From Staff (22/12/09)

Security! Latest IRC Network Worm

As you may be aware, a new worm strain is working its way through the world of IRC, and many a network has become infected as guests join rooms with the worm on their PC's. IRC Chat is no exception, and some members may have recently been G-Lined and advised to contact us. This repair utility should remove the worm from your computer's memory and delete the files it produces, therefore disinfecting your computer. If you have been G-Lined due to this virus, it is strongly advised you run this update, then contact [email protected] for instructions on how to re-connect to IRC Chat.

Download Mirror #1 (

From Alex (21/11/03)

New! Your Virtual Host

Do you own chat rooms with an average of 10 or more users? Click the link below to apply for your personal virtual host i.e. [email protected]
(IRC Chat reserves the right to determine if you qualify)

Click Here To Apply

From Admin (20/11/03)

New! IRC Chat Wizard 2.0

Updated the registration wizard as a fast response to the recent services loss, and will better enable you to re-register your nicknames and channels quickly and efficiently. Some major updates to the previous wizard, better reliability, better stability, and self-updating BotServ list has been added. You will also find the setup page on the Wizard as it appears at, and a page generator for even quicker generation of your free HTML code. Please contact Alex for any questions or comments or bugs about this latest release, either on #help or by email below. [ You are no longer advised to use the old version, as certain aspects have become incompatible with our network setup ]

Download Mirror #1 (

From Alex (31/10/03)

IRC Chat Recent Downtime

Two rogue members of the IRC Chat staff attempted to seize control of the network. Thanks from CW and myself (CM) to all of those who remained loyal. IRC Chat is now back to normal and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. It may be necessary for you to re-register your nicknames and channels, due to a problem which occurred beyond our control. Thank You for your patience!

Added by IRC Chat (02/11/03)

New! IRC Chat registration wizard

Easy to use Nick/Channel registration wizard. Just download, fill in the fields, click submit and let the Wizard do the rest (Designed and coded by Alex)
Added by Alex (31/08/02)

New! Active room list now available

Check it out here! Clickable for Java and mIRC users
From CW (14/10/01)

New! IRC Chat Rooms search engine

IRC Chat Rooms search engine! Search now. In other news: The IRC Chat Network home page has now received 15,000 visits in just 3 months
From CW (13/05/01)

Wow! Trivia stats page

Trivia stats page, click here. IRC Chat Rooms home page has now received 10,000 visits
in just 10 weeks
Post by CW (22/04/01)

Wow! Services pages nearly complete

Services pages nearly complete. NEW IRC Chat Network Awards link added, check them out :-)
Posted by CW (08/03/01)

New! Links and Java Applet

Links to pages for #playhouse and #truestoners chat rooms ADDED to the links page. E-Mail us with the URL for your chat rooms page so we can add it. New, free Java Chat Applet
Posted by CW (06/03/01)

Wow! 50+ simultaneous users!

For the first time, we reach 50+ (max 62) simultaneous users.
Congratulations to connection number 50 w-a-i-d-o-r
, welcome to the Network :-).
Submitted by CW (18/02/01)

New! NEW server and services

Added NEW top of the line Chat Server (Unreal 3.1.1) and Services (Epona) running on a T3 connection. Visit our sponsors page.
Submitted by CW (15/02/01)

Wow! Services upgrade

SERVICES UPGRADE now more compatible with unreal server channel modes
Submitted by CW (13/02/01)

IRC Chat! Like a Phoenix

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the IRC Chat Network opened it's doors!
Added by CW (03/02/01)
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