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Invite: Allows you to invite users in a channel when it is set to mode +i
Command : /msg irc invite nick #channelname

Mode: Allows you to set a channel to modes or yourself to modes. Refer to modes down below for a list of modes
Command:/msg irc mode #channelname themodehere

Kick: Allows you the user to kick another user out of the channel. You need to have ops in order to do so
Command: /msg irc kick #channelname nick

Topic: This command allows you the user to change the topic.
Command: /msg irc topic #channelname yourtopic. Example: /msg irc topic #channelname my new topic

Nick: This command allows you to change your nickname without disconnecting. Most WebTV units will not be able to see their own nickname change but it does work
Command: /msg irc nick nickname Example /msg irc nick TL514

Join: This command allows you to join another channel
Command: /msg irc join #channelname

Part: This command allows you to leave a channel.
Command: /msg irc part #channelname

Irc modes

These commands allow you the user to set these modes. You do not have to use chanserv to set everything. You first need to have ops in order to use these commands. + adds the mode, - takes the mode off

t: This mode prevents non ops from changing the topic in the channel.

Example command: /msg irc mode #channelname +t

n: This mode prevents outside messages from coming into the channel.. The user is not in the channel and they are messaging into the channel. Therefore they look like they are in the channel

Example command: /msg irc mode #channelname +n

i: This mode is invite only. Only allows invited users to join the channel.

Example command: /msg irc mode #channelname +i

l: l <- lower case L. This mode is a limit to amount of users into a channel. For ex: +l 256 <--- that only allows 256 users to join the channel.

Example command: /msg irc mode #channelname +l 256

m: This mode is moderated channel. This mode only allows the ops to speak in the channel or any user set to +v.

Example command: /msg irc mode #channelname +m

s: This mode sets the channel to secret. It does not show up on a list of channels for pc or mac users.

Example command: /msg irc mode #channelname +s

k: This mode sets the channel to a password. Only users with the password can enter the channel. For example: the password is set to +k pass. then type /join #channelname pass.

Example command: /msg irc mode #channelname +k <-- leave out the <> symbols when entering the command

b: This mode stands for ban. You will need a [email protected] to use with this command. You can get it by masking the person /msg irc whois nick.

Example command: /msg irc mode #channelname +b [email protected]*

v: This mode means voice. It allows the user to talk in a +m mode set channel.

Example command: /msg irc mode #channelname +v nick

o: This mode is ops. It allows a user to be a channel operator.

Example command: /msg irc mode #channelname +o nick

Other irc commands

admin: This command shows you information and who is the admin for the server your on. For example: /msg irc admin

You can search of other admins on other servers by putting in the server name in the command.

Example command: /msg irc admin

names: This command allows you to see all names in a given channel.

Example command: /msg irc names #channelname

If you have any questions on what WebTV is capable of doing on a IRC Network, visit this site WebTV help

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